Camp KBY Work Days

In 2017 we have lots of wonderful work done at Camp KBY.  Thank you for all your hard work the last month and half.    Here are a few highlights:

  • Staff Cabins 2 & 3 updates completed
  • Staff Cabin 1 almost done
  • Began preparing the camp for annual health inspection
  • Tractor shed getting a much needed facelift
  • Brush and limb pickup (on going project)
  • Pulling the swim area rope and prepare it for winter
  • Set the lodge for Winter Dorm Configuration
  • Repair the fascia on the pavilion
  • Replaced light bulbs in several places
  • Noted areas we need an electrician
  • Remove and replace broken tiles from the pantry
  • Moved 2 freezers to the kitchen
  • On site audit begun
  • Removed un-used items
  • Found lost items 🙂
  • Trees have come down, stumps removed
  • New stainless steel table
  • New door locks on staff cabins 
  • Rock delivered and spread
  • Cabins have been cleaned
  • Mattresses have been cleaned and ready to go into the cabins
  • Gutters on the Lodge and the Pavilion have been cleaned
  • The Pavilion Fireplace mantel has been stained and the chimney has been repaired 
  • Leak on the Lodge fixed
  • Signs at the beach installed 
  • Windows washed all around 
  • Freezers and refrigerators cleaned inside and out
  • Dish room has been cleaned top to bottom
  • Craft tables painted
  • The kitchen and pantry cleaned and painted top to bottom
  • Dishwasher cleaned and looks brand new
  • The girls bathroom has been painted and looks wonderful. Installed additional paper towel holder on the sink base.  This makes it handicap accessible 
  • Moved storage cabinet to a different wall making room handicap accessible
  • The craft room has been organized
  • The griddle looks brand new
  • Salad bar looks brand new
  • Counters washed in the dining hall

    The list continues… as with a home there is always updates that are needed.  Thank you so much for all your support and help.


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District Minister Meetings

District 1 Ministers meet on the first Tuesday of each month, 10 a.m. at Mayfield FCC.

District 2 Ministers meet on the second Tuesday of each month, 10 a.m. at Madisonville FCC.

District 3 Ministers meet on the third Thursday of each month, 10 a.m. at different locations.


District 1 Ministers gathered November 19, 2013.


September 27 2012 District 2 & 3 Ministers

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News and Updates


Kentucky Disciples Women’s Ministries 2017 Fall Retreats

If you are interested in attending these retreats, please contact the Regional Office 1-859-233-1391.

Retreat #2:
Silent Retreat at Knobs Haven Retreat House, Loretto November 10 – 12
Cost: $95.00
Limited to 17 women
Facilitator: Dr. Bonnia Cook Fouts

Camp Photos are located using the tab above – Youth and Camp.

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