Camp Far West Men’s Work Day

We had a great turn out for our work day April 25, 2015.  Finished roofing the last cabin, ceiling fans on the pavilion and one on the deck, craft closets organized and lots more.  Come to camp to check it all out.

Pavilion Fans one of the new fans on the Pavilion


place to climb and sit.  climbing area

roof repair of one of the cabins.IMG_4217


Craft items organized Craft closet organized

Even time for a little fun!  Work Day 2015


IMG_4220  Climbing/sitting tree logs from our downed trees

The pictures below were from 2013 work day.

kby4 DSC06906
Thank you Mike Bruce and Tim Polley for the photos.


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News and Updates

Join us in celebration!! Camp Kum-Ba-Ya has paid off the debt on the Bathhouse and paid down the Capital debt!!


The 20th Annual West Area All Disciples Sing and District Annual Meeting is October 11, 2015 at First Christian Church Mayfield.  Click here for all the details and the form to register your choir.  All Disciples Sing Info.


We have partnered with Goodshop so that now you can feel great about your online shopping!  Goodshop gives you the best coupons for thousands of stores like Target, Apple, Amazon, Petco and more AND a percentage of what you spend on virtually every purchase is donated to Camp Kum-Ba-Ya!  Plus with the Goodshop app for iPhone and iPad, you can shop, save and give on the go.

Don’t forget to shop online using <a href=” “></a>. Why? Because each time you access a retailer through the shopping portal, Goodshop will automatically donate up to 20% of what you spend to our camp. Enjoy using Goodshop’s 100,000+ online coupons, such as <a href=” “> discounts on contacts from 1-800-Contacts</a>, <a href=” “> Old Navy clothing deals</a>, and <a href=” “> Shutterfly promos on photo gifts</a>. Get started today by <a href=” “>signing up</a> and choosing Camp Kum-Ba-Ya as your cause.


Click this link to the most recent West Area/KBY Newsletter.
April KBY & West Area News


Bench - Recycled Lids here is the bench – one of two.
here is the picnic tablePicnic Table

Yes we are still saving those plastic lids:  We have two benches and an 8′ picnic table on site.  We have been gifted over 2000 pounds of lids for additional purchases from Green Tree Plastics.  Thank you Holy Name, Henderson for the wonderful gift.

8′ Picnic tables are $600 plus 1100 pounds of lids.  8′ Benches (with backs) are $500 plus 250 pounds of lids.  There are other items within the program offered by Green Tree Plastics.  Contributions of lids and/or money to help with the cost of the item are greatly appreciated.


Camp Photos are located using the tab above – Youth and Camp.

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Camp Dates 2015 are set and forms are ready!!

Dates are set for All Y’all

Yes, you’re invited to All Y’all Retreat. So’s she. Him, too. This will be our fourth year for the retreat. Some folks come in groups from churches; some come with their families; some come solo; some come with friends from other denominations or with friends with no church home at all. Everyone’s invited. All means all, y’all.

All Y’all Retreat is programming-light. Over our time together at Kum-Ba-Ya, we’ll explore through study and practice Jesus as friend, teacher, healer and savior. But the weekend mostly takes its own shape and tone over the course of the time we are together, depending on the personalities who happen to be gathered. There’s down time, and there’s up time; there are loud moments and quiet moments.

Bring your tetherball shoes. Bring your kayaks. Bring your craft projects, your board games, your jigsaw puzzles, your musical instruments, your cameras, your marshmallow skewers…whatever fun to share. We will pitch in where we want, can and are needed on cooking, cleaning and leading activities. It’s a lot of fun, and its always exciting to see what God does with us and our time together.

If you want a t-shirt, please complete form and mail by September 10. T-shirts are $10 each.

Leaders will be Mark and Maria Lee, Madisonville FCC. We are excited for you to join them at All Y’all Retreat 2015.

Camp – Click link for the application.
All Y’all Camp Application

Click this link for the dates at Camp Wakon’-Da-Ho.  They have a great calendar of events including Eighters Camp.  If you want more information on Eighters Camp, please contact Mike McColl at      WKDH Dates 2015

Check out Wakon’Da-Ho Facebook page…

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KY Men’s Choral Retreat – Henderson


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Minister Meeting

District 1 Ministers meet on the first Tuesday of each month, 10 a.m. at Mayfield FCC.

District 2 Ministers meet on the second Tuesday of each month, 10 a.m. at Madisonville FCC.

District 3 Ministers meet on the third Thursday of each month, 10 a.m. at different locations.


District 1 Ministers gathered November 19, 2013.


Thursday, September 27 2012 the District 3 Ministers invited District 2 Ministers to join them in conversation around the topic, “Leadership in Times of Scarcity.”

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