About Us – Our History

CCK West Area operates as an integral part of the Christian Church In Kentucky (Disciples of Christ).

The congregations in the West Area have a rich tradition in ministry that today is ever expanding in its scope and promise. As a key component of the whole ministry of our churches, the West Area ministry:

Assists congregations when they search for ministerial staff;

Maintains a communication network among all congregations and their ministers;
(The West Area Coordinator is published at least 4 times a year.  We have an email version and if you want to receive that, please contact us at cckwaglo@bellsouth.net.
A Directory of Churches and Ministers is mailed annually to each congregation.)

Through our Committee on Ministry Interview team nurtures persons who are called to ministry;

Offers consultation to local churches as they plan for their future witness and service;

Reaches out to individual pastors with encouragement and support;

Coordinates West Area programs like the All Disciples Sing, the West Area Celebration;

Supervises and manages Camp Kum-Ba-Ya facilities, staff and programs. Over two hundred children and youth participated last summer. These numbers are important because behind each one is a young person who is being nurtured in the Christian faith and prepared for church leadership.

Click here for the history of CCK-West Area  Tri-District:West Area

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