West Area Board Members

West Area Executive Committee
Term: 1/1/2018 to 12/31/2020

Chair Bill Roberts (1) 270-247-2149 Bardwell & Morris Valley CC roberts1184@gmail.com
Vice Walt Cramer (2) 270-836-8151 Madisonville FCC wcramer1@twc.com
Secretary Kara Foster (2) 270-821-5335 Madisonville FCC kara@madisonvilledisciples.org
Treasurer Kim Hudson (2) 270-871-5669 Earlington FCC klh5669@gmail.com


District Moderators/Vice Moderators
West Area Nominating Committee
Term: 1/1/2017 to 12/31/2018

District 1 Jae Gottman 270-442-3745 Paducah FCC gottmanj@bellsouth.net
District 1 Kristi Stuckel 859-319-4107 Benton FCC kjstuckel@gmail.com
District 2 Joyce Johnston 270-339-1614 Madisonville FCC joycejohnston1234@att.net
District 2 Wayne Hunter 270-993-8281 Sebree CC waynehunter370@yahoo.com
District 3 Kate Crouch 270-265-2030 Elkton CC khcrouch@gmail.com
District 3 John Kees 270-726-7192 Russellville Berea CC jkees@epbnet.com


CCK BOARD REPRESENTATIVES – (Term ends with CCK Assembly in September)

Class of 2018 – one from each District.

District 1 Brenda Murphy 270-210-1707 Paducah FCC brendamurphy@att.net
District 2 Vacant ***
District 2 Vacant **

Class of 2020 – one from each District.

District 1 Bruce Dobyns 270-247-2204 Mayfield FCC bruce.dobyns@gmail.com
District 2 Jeff Mandrell* 859-619-6598 Providence FCC jbmandrell@yahoo.com
District 3 Sherry Perry 615-400-4989 Elkton CC sherryperrytn@yahoo.com


EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS (without vote)

Associate Regional Minister for the West Area Beth Dobyns 270-821-1332 Mayfield FCC beth.dobyns@bellsouth.net
General Minister Greg Alexander greg@ccinky.net
Camp Program Manager Glori Cope 270-821-1332 West Area Office cckwaglo@bellsouth.net
West Area Youth Council Leader Jeff Mandrell 859-619-6598 Providence FCC jbmandrell@yahoo.com
KBY Advisory Team Chair Rachel Nance Woehler Madisonville FCC nancerl@yahoo.com
Recording Secretary Glori Cope 270-821-1332 West Area Office cckwaglo@bellsouth.net

* Filling the Unexpired Term of Dan Lovell

** Male needed for the unexpired term of Nathan Brown

*** Female needed for the unexpired term of Nelda Barnett

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